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small wave surfboard - buy funboard

A fun board is exactly what the name promises - a surfboard made for fun on the water. It is a good choice if you go surfing once or twice a year and the waves are usually no more than 2 metres high. It is expected that you already have experience surfing green waves with a surfboard.

A funboard is a combination of a mini malibu and a shortboard. It offers the length and volume of a Mini Malibu, which increases your wave yield and makes it easier for you to launch. At the same time, it has the tail of a shortboard, which improves performance and allows you to surf more radical manoeuvres.

A fun board also brings a lot of fun on smaller, weaker days. It allows you to catch waves better and get up to speed faster. On bigger days, the funboard helps you take the faster, bigger waves easier.

We offer a wide range of surfboards in our online shop. You can easily buy your funboard online and choose from different models, sizes and designs. A funboard is also a good choice if you want to buy your first shorter surfboard. It combines the gliding characteristics of a Mini Malibu with the features of a fishboard. The extra volume and length let you launch effortlessly into the wave and forgive some mistakes. You can also try your first radical turns and get closer to surfing with a shortboard.

In summary, a fun board offers fun and versatility. It's ideal for surfers who surf occasionally and want to have fun in a variety of conditions. Check out our selection of fun boards in our online shop and find the perfect board for you.

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