Surfboard small waves? Buy Funboard now.

A fun board is a great option if you go surfing once or twice a year and the wave height does not exceed 2 metres. It is ideal if you already have experience surfing along green waves on a surfboard. A funboard combines the features of a mini malibu and a shortboard. The length and volume of the funboard increase your wave yield, while the tail of a shortboard gives you more performance and allows for more radical manoeuvres.

With a funboard you can have a lot of fun on smaller, weaker days, while on bigger days you can get to the fast, bigger waves easier and faster. It's a versatile option that will give you good performance in both small and bigger conditions.

You'll find a great selection of fun boards to buy at your convenience in our online shop. If you want to buy your first shorter surfboard, a funboard is a good choice. It combines the gliding characteristics of a Mini Malibu with the features of a fishboard. The extra volume and length allow you to easily launch into the wave and also forgive some mistakes. You can try your first radical turns and get closer to the feeling of a shortboard.

So discover our large selection of fun boards in our online shop and find the right board for you. A fun board offers you fun and performance in different conditions and is a great step towards a shorter surfboard.

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