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Hybrid surfboards and grovelers are specially designed surfboards optimised for small to medium waves. They combine features of fishboards and high performance shortboards to create a versatile and powerful surfboard.

These hybrid boards have different tail shapes, such as Round, Diamond, Bat, Squash, Square or Round Pin Tail, and offer different fin placements. These features expand the boards' range of use and enable radical turns in small waves. The additional volume and the slightly wider outline make paddling easier and enable a quick start on the waves. The increased wave yield allows you to significantly improve your surfing skill level and have more fun in small waves.

Why should everyone own a hybrid surfboard? Well, hybrid surfboards offer a great way to combine the best of different surfboard designs. They are ideal for surfers who surf in different wave conditions and are looking for a board that is versatile, forgiving and yet powerful. The goal is to create a surfboard that is easy to paddle like a fun board, but still offers the manoeuvrability and responsiveness of a high performance shortboard.

The Hypto Krypto from Haydenshapes Surfboards is a well-known example of a hybrid surfboard on the market, but there are also many other hybrid shapes that work just as well or even better. The variety of hybrid surfboards allows every surfer to find a board that suits their individual needs and preferences.

Overall, hybrid surfboards and grovelers offer an exciting way to improve your surfing in small and weak waves while enjoying the performance and versatility of a powerful surfboard. They definitely shouldn't be missing from your quiver.
A groveler and hybrid board means fun-fun-fun and belongs in Quiver.

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