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Buy hybrid surfboards online?

No problem. We at Surfshop Europe offer you a large selection of hybrid surfboards for sale. Discover the variety of these absolute fun machines. Whether Round, Diamond, Bat, Squash, Square or Round Pin Tail, we are guaranteed to have the right surfboard for you in our range.

Discover the wide range of our hybrid surfboards

There has been a lot of hype about hybrid surfboards in recent years. You want to buy a surfboard? We offer you a wide range of different hybrid shapes. The popularity of these shapes is no coincidence, because these surfboards combine two design concepts. The general hybrid, as we know it today, is the mixture of the minimalibu or fish surfboard and a high-performance shortboard. The goal is to create a board that is easy to paddle, forgiving to surf and fast like a fun board, but still has the manoeuvrability of a high performance shortboard. Most shapes on the market are hybrid boards.

What is and can a hybrid surfboard do?

Hybrid surfboards come in a wide variety of designs. Hybidboards come in a wide variety of shapes and designs and a list would have to be made for each individual board.

There are hybrids for:

  • radical manoeuvres in medium to large waves
  • for radical manoeuvres in small waves
  • for mushy surf as often found in the North Sea and Baltic Sea
  •  hybrid surfboards for powerful waves
  • with retro influences
  • and many more

These surfboards are between 5 and 7'6 feet long and offer a wide range of uses. With a hybrid surfboard you can cater specifically to your needs and you are guaranteed to find the surfboard you have always wanted.

  • Size: approx. 5" - 7'6 feet
  • Waves: Small / Medium / Large
  • Skill Level: Advanced / Pro

Hybrid boards are available with a wide variety of rocker, rail and tail contours. The volume of the board is usually increased in the nose area to make it easier to get the waves. 

Tail shapes of a hybrid:

  • Roundtail (in different widths)
  • Swallowtail (in different versions, wing, double wing, deep flat)
  • Pintail
  • Roundpintail (combination of roundtail and pintail)
  • Diamontail
  • Squaretail (normal, rounded square)
  • Squashtail
  • The tail shape has a serious impact on the surfing behaviour of a surfboard.

Rocker of a hybrid:

  • flat rocker
  • medium rocker
  • curved rocker
  • Tail Flip
  • Nose Flip
  • High Frontrocker
  • High tail rocker
  • Low Frontrocker
  • Low Tailrocker
  • etc.

Rails of a hybrid:

  • 40/60 - very forgiving
  • 50/50 - forgiving
  • 60/40 - radical and less forgiving
  • 70/30 - radical
  • Hybrid forms on the board
  • Special features like underedged etc.

The boundaries between a hybrid surfboard and a shortboard are very blurred and it is not possible to determine whether it is a shortboard or hybrid surfboard with most shapes.

Surfganic.com Conclusion:

Finding the right hybrid board for you is not so easy when it comes to choosing. Use our buying guide, we'll be happy to help you.

These are the advantages of a hybrid board!

A hybrid board offers you many advantages when surfing. We have listed them for you:

  • Increased wave yield
  • there are several shapes for every surfing condition
  • relatively forgiving 
  • suitable for small waves
  • suitable for medium height waves
  • suitable for big waves
  • cutbacks, hishspeed turns, very manoeuvrable,
  • duckdives
  • easy to transport

The wider nose of the surfboard gives you a higher wave yield. Due to the slightly larger volume than a shortboard, it glides on more easily, increases your wave yield, lets you ride around weaker sections of the wave and generates speed itself.

Surfing on a hybrid board is very different from surfing on a fun board. You get the waves much later and the take-offs take place on a steeper part of the wave. On the other hand, you can surf a hybrid board very radically, turn much faster and you are much more agile on a wave.

Surfganic.com Conclusion:

Having a suitable hybrid surfboard is half the battle. The range of use is much wider than with a fishboard or funboard. With a hybrid shape, you can practise many manoeuvres and then implement them on a pure shortboard.

These are the disadvantages of a hybrid surfboard.

Where there are advantages of a hybrid surfboard, there are of course also disadvantages. Here we have compiled these for you.

  • can't do what a high performance shortboard can do
  • later take off is more difficult than with a funboard or fishboard
  • A hybrid board is not as forgiving as a funboard and does not glide as well, but it has other advantages.

Even if a hybrid surfboard is not as forgiving as a funboard, it will still forgive many mistakes.

Hybrid board and beginner - does it fit?

The answer to whether a hybrid board is suitable for beginners is clearly NO. These hybrid shapes are too manoeuvrable and too radical, and therefore definitely not an option for beginners. We at Surfganic.com recommend a Minimalibu or Funboard for beginners.

What you should look out for when buying a hybrid board!

If you want to buy a hybrid surfboard, this should be very well considered! The workmanship of the surfboard is definitely important. You should not make any compromises here. Cheap surfboards break much faster and the performance is not the best either. If you value environmentally friendly processing, check whether it was made with bio-based epoxy or at least with epoxy. Polyester resin is much more harmful to the environment.

Furthermore, you should be clear about what you want to use your hybrid board for.

  • radical manoeuvres in medium to big waves
  • for radical manoeuvres in small waves
  • for mushy surf as often found in the North Sea and Baltic Sea
  •  hybrid surfboards for powerful waves
  • with retro influences
  • for point breaks
  • reef breaks
  • performance wall
  • Beachbreak

Hybrid boards are easier to turn than fishboards, funboards and minimalibus. Each hybrid shape has its own characteristics.

Your height and weight is another very important factor in finding the perfect hybrid surfboard for you. A hybrid should be chosen in your height minus approx. 10cm. However, this is only a rough guide.

Here we would like to list the most important points in keywords:

  • Which waves do you want to surf? 
  • How big and how heavy are you?
  • How is the hybrid surfboard made?

Surfganic.com conclusion:

With a pure hybrid shape, you will learn how to surf radically and have a lot of fun in a wide range of conditions.

These different shapes are available for hybrid boards.

Hybrid boards also have different shapes for different conditions and different manoeuvres.

The infinite possibilities of hybrid shapes make it impossible to list them here. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a rough idea of what is possible. Retro lovers will get their money's worth with single fin surfboards. For the high performance sector, there is not only a suitable hybrid board for every wave, the same applies to the sector that is not considered high performance.

Many hybrid boards are equipped with a 5 fin setup. This gives you the option of surfing your board as a quad, a twin fin or a thruster. This has the advantage that you can change the surfing behaviour of your surfboard significantly by changing the fins. Just as it makes sense for the prevailing conditions.

These are the most important hybrid board shapes:

  • Single Fin 
  • Performance Hybrid for (big, small, medium, powerful, soft waves)
  • Retro Shapes
  • with Twin Fin System
  • with Thruster System
  • with Quad Fin System
  • with 5 Fin System 

Surfganic.com Tip:

The options for hybrid surfboards are huge and hard to keep track of. Use our buying guide to find the right surfboard for you.

The length of a hybrid board is very important when deciding what to buy.

When buying a hybrid board, you should definitely pay attention to the length.

The following rule of thumb applies to determine the right size.

Body height - approx. 10 cm

If your hybrid board is too short, you will hardly catch any waves and your movements will be restricted.
If the board is too long, you will find it harder to turn and at higher speeds it will become very unstable on the water.

Surfganic.com Tip:

To find the right length for your hybrid board, use our professional buying advice. We will be happy to help you.

Which fin setup should I choose for a hybrid surfboard?

There are hybrid surfboards with all kinds of fin set ups. Which fin setup you should choose depends on what kind of waves you want to surf and which surf style you follow.

  • Single Fin: For the retro surfing style. The king class with shortboarding

  • Twin Fin: A hybrid with a twin fin is very manoeuvrable. This gives the board the characteristic retro surfing behaviour.

  • Thruster: With this fin setup, your hybrid board can be surfed very precisely and gives you the necessary drive during turns.

  • Quad Fin: A hybrid surfboard with a quad fin setup is mostly used in performance-oriented surfboards and gives your surfboard more drive, speed and control at the same time.

  • 5 Fin Setup: Here you can change your fins to make your surfboard a twin fin, thruster and quad surfboard. By changing the fins you can change the surfing behaviour of your board enormously.

Surfganic.com Tip:

If you haven't surfed a shortboard before and want to change to a shorter surfboard, or you are looking for a performance surfboard with more volume, a hybrid is exactly the right thing for you!

A hybrid board is suitable for these waves.

You can surf a hybrid board in the following surf conditions. You can get a hybrid surfboard for all surf conditions. You can surf small and weak waves performance-oriented or normal. The same applies to strong and big waves or soft mushy North Sea surf. Due to the extra volume in the nose, the surfboard glides on more easily than a shortboard and generates speed independently even in weak waves and less powerful sections of a wave.

Tuberides are also possible - but the shape has to be suitable. You can handle steep take-offs well with most hybrids.

You can have real fun with a hybrid surfboard in all surf conditions. You can surf all manoeuvres with these shapes and play with the wave. 

A hybrid board is suitable for:

  • small waves
  • medium waves
  • soft waves
  • point breaks
  • reef breaks
  • Beachbreaks
  • Tuberiding
  • Norse waves
  • mushy surf
  • powerful waves
  • soft waves
  • radical turns
  • tuberides
  • retro surf

A hybrid shape for children? Does that make sense?

Whether a hybrid shape makes sense for children can only be answered with a very clear YES if the child already has good skills and surfs safely on another surfboard.

How much does a hybrid surfboard cost?

Hybrid surfboards start at a price of €300.  These surfboards are usually poorly made and their performance is also rather poor.

In the middle price segment of these shapes, around €400, you will find quite decent hybrid surfboards with good workmanship and solid performance.

Hybrids for over 500€ you get a very good quality with a good performance on the wave and guarantees you a lot of fun on the waves of this world.

  • Hybrids from 300€ - poor quality and average performance.
  • Hybris Shape around 400€ - solid workmanship and performance.
  • Hybrid surfboard from 500€ Premium Fish surfboards for real pleasure.

Surfganic.com Tip:

If you love this sport, you should definitely look in the highest price range for your hybrid board - It's worth it!

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