Buy River Surfboards for standing wave & river boards online

If you are looking for a river surfboard for standing waves, the river or wave parks, we offer a wide range of suitable boards in our online surf shop.

It is important to choose the right river board for the conditions and waves in order to progress in river surfing. Each wave has its own characteristics and the board should be matched to it.

In our Riverboard Guide, we help you find the right riverboard for you. We offer a variety of riverboards for famous spots like the Eisbach, Hasewelle, Jochen Schweitzer Arena, E2, Black Forest Wave, Leinewelle and many other standing waves.

Our riverboards are specially designed for river surfing and offer stability, flexibility and high-performance characteristics. They are robust and durable without sacrificing sustainability and environmental friendliness. Surfganic Surfboards, for example, places great value on high-quality materials and careful construction in order to offer you a high-quality and sustainable surfboard.

A river surfboard is similar to a shortboard for the sea, but is shorter and has less volume. This allows for quick manoeuvres and good control on standing waves.

Discover our selection of river surfboards in our online shop now and find the right board for your riversurfing adventures. If you have any questions or need advice, we are happy to help you find the right board for your needs.

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