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duffel bags

In our surf shop, we offer a selection of waterproof travel bags that are ideal for water sports, outdoor adventures or even urban use. Our waterproof duffel bags are spacious, splash-proof and completely waterproof, giving you easy access and plenty of room for your gear. Here are some features of our waterproof travel bags:

  • Tough and protective: our duffel bags are durable and offer reliable protection for your belongings. They are designed to withstand the challenges of outdoor use.
  • Versatile: Our waterproof travel bags can be used as your main luggage for longer trips, as hand luggage or for day trips. You can also use them for water sports activities as they can be fully submerged.
  • Waterproof design: Each waterproof travel bag features a roll-top fold-seal system, taped seams and waterproof zipped compartments to ensure your belongings stay dry even when you come into contact with water.
  • Various sizes: We offer waterproof travel bags in a range of sizes, from small duffle bags with 40 litre capacity to large dry bags with 60, 90 or 130 litre capacity. So you'll find the right bag for your needs.
  • Resistant to sand, dirt and dust: Our waterproof travel bags not only keep water out, but are also resistant to sand, dirt and dust. So your stuff is protected no matter what environment you're in.

Visit our surf shop and discover our selection of waterproof travel bags to transport your gear safely and securely. Our team will be happy to help and advise you on choosing the right bag for your needs.

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