waist pack

Discover and buy our waterproof hip bags in our surf shop. With our waterproof waist bag, you'll always have your things handy and dry, whether you're on the water or on land. Our hip bags are ideal for keeping your small valuables safe.

Thanks to the roll-top fold-seal system, your phone, keys, cash, credit card and other essentials will stay dry in our hip bags. Each hip bag is fully waterproof and keeps the contents dry even when briefly submerged.

Our hip bags feature a submersible main compartment, a weatherproof zipped front pocket and a handy foldable water bottle holder. They're ideal for activities like cycling, hiking, running or walking in any weather.

If you're looking for a waterproof hip bag that can be fully submerged, our pro-sports waterproof belt bag is the best choice. With the clever compression slide-seal system, the contents stay dry up to a depth of 6 metres. This fanny pack is perfect for activities like kayaking, windsurfing, swimming and other adventures where you're likely to get wet.

Visit our surf shop today and buy your waterproof waist bag. Don't worry about wet valuables anymore and enjoy your activities to the fullest!

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