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Windsurf Fins

Discover our large selection of high-quality windsurfing fins in our online shop. The right choice of fins is crucial for the performance of your board. We offer different box systems such as power box, US box, tuttle and deep tuttle box as well as trim box for different board types and areas of use.

The fin length depends on your weight and sail size. Our supplied standard fin is a good compromise, but for optimum performance with different sail sizes we recommend matching fins. A fin that is too big can make the board uncontrollable, while a fin that is too small will affect performance.

Our range includes a wide range of windsurfing fins, including freerace, freestyle, seaweed, twinser, race, wave and thruster fins. Choose the fin that suits your riding style and needs.

In our windsurf shop you will also find a comprehensive windsurf fin guide to help you identify the right box system for your fin.

Optimise your riding performance now with the right windsurfing fin from our shop!

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