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A waterproof case is your favourite electronic device's best friend, especially if you're an avid traveller or water sports fan. If you want to take your device to the beach, boat or pool without the risk of total destruction, simply pack it in a waterproof case and you can rest easy.

All of our waterproof cases are fully submersible, so you can get the full use of your device while it's safely sealed inside. With a waterproof phone or tablet case, you don't have to miss out on important calls or amazing photo opportunities just because you can't reach your phone. You can operate the touchscreen through the transparent case front when you're above water, and other buttons on your device when you're underwater.

As well as bags designed specifically for your technology, we also offer universal waterproof bags that allow you to carry a variety of items in a single pocket. These are ideal for passports, money, credit cards and small devices such as smartphones and MP3 players.

All our waterproof bags and pouches also protect your devices from sand, dust and dirt, so you can take them on all kinds of adventures. Buy quality from our surf shop and rest assured that your electronic devices are safe and protected.

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