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TORQ Surfboards, the brand founded in 2012, created a new standard in the epoxy surfboard market and offer an unmatched combination of durability and performance not only in europe. Buy these great TORQ surfboards online in our surf shop. For this year, innovation continues with new surfboard shapes, new graphics, a new collaboration with Channel Island Surfboards and the introduction of the world's first EPS/Epoxy pre-preg surfboard. The Torq range now offers 5 types of Surfboard technology for all skill levels.We offer you all shapes and builds in different sizes. Check it out.
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TORQ Surfboards

We at Hang Loose Surfshop offer you a huge selection of TORQ surfboards. Whether shortboards, fishboards, funboards, mini malibus or longboards. We have the right TORQ surfboard for you. Check it out.

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Torq Shortboards

TORQ shortboards are designed for surfing with the highest performance. Our shortboard range also includes a few less conventional shortboard shapes; shorter and wider modern surfboard designs, with sizes ranging from 5'4 to 6'8. Surfbar as a thruster or quad.

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TORQ FISH Surfboards

The Torq Fish surfboards feature a wide, straight rail template with swallow tail and low rocker. They are designed to glide easily over the water, making them fast, fun and extremely versatile. Every surfer needs a Fish - a great addition to the quiver or as a daily companion. From 5'6 to 7'2. Surfable as a twin, thruster or quad.

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TORQ midlength Surfboards

The most versatile, easy to surf TORQ midlength boards. Long enough for high paddle speed to catch the waves, but short enough to turn easily. Fun boards are best suited to beginners, great fun for good surfers and suitable for a wide range of conditions: waist high to overhead, clean or blown. From 6'6 to 7'6. Ride it as a thruster or 2+1.

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TORQ Longboards

Our TORQ longboard range includes everything from retro cruisers to beginner-friendly mini longboards and thinned-out performance surfing blades. Ranging from 8'0 to 9'6, surf these surfboards as thrusters, 2+1 or single fin.

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TORQ Surfboard Technologys

We at Hang Loose Surfshop would like to introduce you to the different construction designs of the TORQ surfboards. We shed light on the dark barrel and explain the differences and advantages of each construction.

ACT - Advanced Composite Technology

ACT - Advanced Composite Technology is the world's first EPS/epoxy pre-preg surfboard. From race cars to superyachts, the highest performing components are made with pre-preg materials and processes. It is the pinnacle of composite technology. The impact on surfboards is huge - more accuracy, less waste, perfect reproduction. However, the biggest advantage is performance due to two main factors: Flexibility and stability to weight ratio.

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Torq Surfboards TEC - Torq Epoxy Composite

Torq Surfboards TEC - Torq Epoxy Composite offers a wide range of high performance surfboard shapes in our advanced vacuum epoxy lay-up. With a blend of simple fibres and carbon, these boards offer incredible durability for their weight.

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TORQ X-Lite Epoxy Technology

TORQ X-Lite is a compression moulded epoxy technology specifically designed for performance boards. This is stronger and more environmentally friendly than a traditional PU/polyester board. This new innovative technology is used exclusively on Channel Islands surfboard models; the POD MOD and the Chancho.

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Torq TET-CS Epoxy-Technology

The Torq TET-CS, or Carbon Strip, is the next step in our revolutionary epoxy technology, using the same advanced TET process with a performance-oriented lay-up. The carbon strip allows us to reduce the layer thickness but maintain the strength and stiffness, so the boards are lighter but still super strong.

All TET-CS now have an extra layer of wood between the two biaxial face sheets. This wood composite is incredibly resistant to dents, but without increasing the stiffness that is normally associated with strength.

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TET - Torq Epoxy Technology

Torq Epoxy Technology or TET represents a revolution in epoxy surfboard technology. Torq Epoxy Technology combines a lightweight EPS core with biaxial fibreglass, epoxy resin and our unique Shield Skin.

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TORQ Soft Top Deck Technology

Our TORQ Soft Deck board uses an additional PE top layer over a fully laminated core to provide a safe option for first timers to this durable and easy surfing series.

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TORQ Range Overview

We would like to introduce you to the TORQ surfboard range in the different graphics. Which models are available and in which sizes, shapes and colours. Check it out and find your dream board.

TORQ Videos

Check out the great videos of the Torq surfboards.