Northcore - Surf accessories of the extra class

Northcore is a manufacturer of water sports and surf accessories from Great Britain. For more than 10 years Northcore has been producing high quality surf accessories. Northcore offers surfboard socks, surf racks for your car, the flat to hang your surfboard on the wall or for your bike / moped / motorbike to travel to the next surf. The wide range of products includes surf fins, surfboard repair kits, surf leashes, changing gear (surf ponchos, changing mats) and there is much more to discover.

 Surffleashes for shortboards, riverboards, fishboards and hybridboards in the lengths 5 ft and 6 ft help you to get safely through the waves without losing your surfboard. The 7 ft and 8 ft surffleash sizes cover the funboard and minimalibu surfboard sizes. For the big surfboards, like longboards and SUPs, you need extra strong ankle ropes in the lengths 9 ft and 10 ft. Northcore only offers a small selection of tailpads and ear plugs. The different carrying straps are very well received, so that you can transport your SUP and longboard, but also your surfboard better to the beach or the next lake.

When it comes to water sports, dry bags are of course a must. To broaden your knowledge about surfing, Northcore offers various surf media such as surf DVDs and surf books. Northcore also has outdoor products in its range. High-end sleeping bags for camping weekends by the sea and water bottles.
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