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If you're looking for a high performance shortboard, we offer a wide range of surfboards in our online shop. We have boards that are perfect for demanding wave conditions and allow you to perform radical manoeuvres.

Choosing the right shortboard depends on your personal needs and the wave conditions you want to surf in. If you want to surf steep, powerful waves, a shortboard with an aggressive rocker and a narrow outline is ideal. For point breaks, where long, opening waves break, a slightly longer shortboard with more volume is suitable to build up speed and optimise turns. Beach breaks, where the waves break quickly and unpredictably, require a shortboard with good manoeuvrability and control.

Our surf shop offers you a wide range of high performance shortboards for different conditions. You can buy them conveniently online and we will deliver them directly to your door. Our boards are made by renowned brands and offer top quality and performance.

We understand that buying a shortboard is an important decision and our team is here to help you choose the perfect board. We can advise you on the features of the different models and help you find the shortboard that best suits your individual needs and abilities.

Discover our wide range of high performance shortboards in our online shop now and find the perfect board to perform radical manoeuvres on the waves and take your surfing experience to a new level.

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