Ear Plugs

Find surfing earplugs for your water sports application in the Surfganic Online Shop

We at Surfganic have put together a great selection of Ear Plugs for surfing. Whether the Doc's Proplugs, the Surfersshield from Northcore or other high quality earplugs, we have for your use. Protect your ears from the cold wind and loss of hearing
These earplugs are perfect for swimming, surfing, diving, water skiing, kayaking, bodyboarding, kite surfing, windsurfing, SUP surfing, skiimboarding and wakeboarding.

What are the advantages of Ear Plugs?

When used continuously, Ear Plugs help prevent future ear problems, such as

- Swimmer ear (infection)
- Surfer's Ear (bone growth)
- Water ski ear (ruptured eardrum)
- Musician's ear (high-frequency hearing loss)

High quality earplugs Ear Plugs buy cheap online at Surfganic Online Store

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