Skimboard Pads

You want to improve the performance of your skimboard and turn it into a high-performance machine? No problem! In our surf shop, we offer EVA traction pads that give you an extremely good grip and allow you to perform radical manoeuvres on your skimboard.

Our grip pads are made of high-quality EVA material and offer optimal grip on your board. The kicktail design provides improved grip on the back foot and allows for precise and controlled movements.

While soul surfers often use surf wax to improve their grip on the board, performance-oriented surfers prefer grip pads made of EVA. These offer even better grip and allow you to exploit the full potential of your skimboard.

If you have any questions and are unsure which skimboard pad to buy, we are happy to help. Contact us via our live chat, for example, and our experts will be happy to advise you and help you find the right traction pad for your skimboard. Turn your skimboard into a performance machine and enjoy the ultimate surfing experience!

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