If you want to buy a skimboard, you should know the different constructions and materials to find the perfect board for your needs. In our surf shop we offer a wide range of skimboards made of wood, epoxy and foam.

Wooden skimboards are durable and offer high stability and rigidity, which is beneficial for beginners. Epoxy skimboards are lightweight and have high flexibility, making them a good choice for intermediate and advanced skiers. Foam skimboards are particularly light and offer good shock absorption, which makes them ideal for tricks and jumps.

Our range offers skimboards for all tastes and levels, from beginners to professionals. We also have a selection of kicks, grip pads, wax and other accessories to make the skimboarding experience even better.

Discover our wide range of skimboards and accessories in our surf shop and find the perfect board for your next trip to the beach or lake.

Do you have questions about buying a skimboard? Check out our skimboard guide or contact us. Learn more....

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