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In our surf shop, we offer you a large selection of skimboards. You are guaranteed to find the right board for you. A skimboard is the perfect travel companion for young and old. It immediately brings you a lot of fun and can be used on every "water edge".

We offer you a large selection of skimboards. You can easily buy your board online.
Skimboards are the perfect travel companions for young and old. Skimboarding is easy to learn and is a real fun machine at every water's edge. Pack it up, put it on and start surfing. Do you have any questions? We will be happy to help you.

Skimboarding, that's how it's done!

From the run, throw the skimboard in front of you on the ground, then jump onto the skimboard and surf standing up on the surface of the water. A film of water forms between your skimboard and the bottom. (

When buying a skimboard, look for:

The most important thing when buying a skimboard is the size, shape and material of the skimboard. The skimboard should be well made, as light as possible and adapted to your body weight. You can find out more in our buying guide at

Of course there are skimboards for children!

We at also offer skimboards for children. To minimise the risk of injury, you should make sure that this surfboard is made of foam.

Looking for the best skimboard? 

The best skimboard is the one that suits your needs. Your body weight, your skills and the area of use are important factors in choosing the right skimboard. The best skimboards for professionals are boards with a foam core and an epoxy glass coating. (

Which length of skimboard suits me?

The length and width of the board are crucial when choosing the right skimboard. The bigger the board, the more stable it is in waves and on flat water.

You are a beginner and want to start skimboarding? Then you should go for a larger board. The bigger the skimboard, the more stability, the faster you will progress. However, it should not be too big, otherwise the board will become sluggish and difficult to manoeuvre. tip: It's best if the skimboard reaches just below your sternum.

Wooden skimboards - What can they really do? explains the advantages and disadvantages of wooden skimboards:

  • Cheap
  • Robust
  • Beginner-friendly
  • A lot of friction
  • Little buoyancy
  • Weight
  • Risk of injury
  • Only suitable for flatland

Skimboards made of wood are very suitable for beginners. Because they are made of pressed poplar wood, these boards are cheaper and more robust than skimboards made of foam. This makes wooden boards ideal for first slides and for learning the basics.

ATTENTION: Wooden skimboards are only suitable for flatland. Due to the weight and friction, they are slower than boards made of foam, have less buoyancy and the non-existent rocker does not allow for wave riding.

Make sure the skimboard is well painted and finished. The surface must be very smooth so that the board can glide on the water surface with as little friction as possible.

Be careful because the wood is hard and it is easy to bruise and hurt yourself.

Are skimboards made of foam better? explains the advantages and disadvantages of foam skimboards:

  • Models for beginners, advanced and pros
  • Weight
  • Buoyancy
  • Suitable for wave riding and flatland
  • Lies well in the hand
  • Expensive
  • Robust

Foam skimboards are suitable for all skimboard fans. From beginner to advanced to professional, these boards are very popular. Beginners prefer these boards because they are great in the hand and not so heavy. This makes it easier to drop and bounce.

Boards made of foam consist of an EPS core that is coated with fibreglass and epoxy resin. This construction makes the board very light and offers more buoyancy than a wooden skimboard. In addition, the very smooth surface creates less friction, which extends the glide phase.

Foamboards are perfect for wave riding, because you need as much lift as possible, a high speed and a rocker to reach and ride the wave.

The high price for the construction and what you get for it is definitely justified. However, the price is a real board for beginners and for casual surfers. These boards are not as robust as wooden boards due to the low weight and construction, but can easily be repaired by yourself with a repair kit (epoxy - Solarez).

Pads vs. wax for skimboarding - a question of faith?

To ensure that you have grip on the skimboard and don't slip, you can either use wax or a traction pad. However, this is more a question of faith. We at prefer surf wax.

Wax always has to be renewed and melts in the sun. Pads are glued to the board and need to be replaced after a longer period of use. You can also just stick a foam kicktail on the board and wax the skimboard in front. Kicktails are highly recommended for wave riding.

A skimboard with or without rocker? What suits me?

The rocker is the curvature along the length of the skimboard. The rocker allows you to ride a wave because otherwise you would tip the board into the wave with the nose. 


  • Wooden boards and flatland boards do not have rocker. (No wave riding)
  • With foam boards, rocker varies from board to board, depending on which wave you want to surf. (we recommend a medium rocker)

A board with a flat rocker is perfect for calm water and small waves, while skimboards with a big curve are suitable for steep waves (powerful shorebreak) and choppy water.

Conclusion from

strong rocker - more susceptible to wind and slower is your board.
the flatter the rocker, the faster and more susceptible to small chop on the surface it becomes.

Welche Tailform sollte ich beim Skimboard wählen?

The skimboard tail is the rear end of the skimboard, this affects the handling of the board. The riding behaviour is defined by stability, speed and manoeuvrability.

Two common tail shapes and their riding behaviour:

  • Swallow tail: This shape generates a lot of speed and the wider tail makes the board very manoeuvrable.
  • Pintail: The pintail is most often found on a skimboard, it provides stability in the wave and allows you to surf controlled turns.'s conclusion: The thinner the tail, the smoother the board, the wider the tail, the more manoeuvrable the board and the more crazy manoeuvres you can make in the wave.

Should I buy a thick or thin skimboard? tip: The thickness should depend on your skills. 
  • For beginners: A thick skimboard has more buoyancy and therefore glides longer, which is very beginner-friendly.
  • For advanced and pros: With a good technique and fast controlled running and jumping on your skimboard, you achieve a good buoyancy through your speed. This makes turns in the wave easier for you.

The right material for your skimboard is crucial! Tip:

Looking for a toy for the holidays or don't want to ride waves?

Then opt for a wooden board. If you are ambitious and want to ride the waves from the beach, there is no way around a foam board

What is a skimboard and what do I use it for?

Skimming is a water sport based on fluid friction between surfaces of different speeds. The sports equipment used in skimboarding - a skimboard - is a flat disc that has a roughly oval shape and is slightly curved upwards towards the outer sides.

A skimboard is usually made of wood, which varies in quality depending on the price range. The decisive factor here is how the individual layers of wood are glued together and what kind of glaze the board has as a sealant.

On skimboards, the surfer tries to glide on the surface of the shallow water in the run-out area of the surf. In preparation, the skimboard is rubbed with wax on the top to make it more grippy and thus prevent the feet from slipping.

There are different types of skimboarding as well as two board types: "Waveskim", where 99% of the time a polyester board is used "Jumpskimming", also polyester boards "Flatlandskimming" or "Inland skimboarding", where 70% of the time a wooden board is used.

  • Waveskimming is skimming from the beach towards a wave and trying to do tricks on it with the skimboard.
  • Jumpskimming is also done from the beach towards a wave that is as high as possible and then jumps off the skimboard and does a somersault in the air, for example.
  • Flatland skimming: you skim towards ramps or similar trick sequences in the shallowest possible water.
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