Twin Fin

Buy your twin fin setup now in our surf shop and experience the agility and speed that this fin setup offers. The Twinfin focuses on manoeuvrability and allows you to make tighter turns. During a turn, one fin acts as a pivot while the other sticks out of the water.

Similar to the singlefin, a twinfin is also faster down the line than a thruster as there is no extra fin to create drag. However, during long and powerful bottom turns, problems can arise because the outer fin sticks out of the water and lacks support. You can compensate for this by surfing turns in a lower stance above the rail. This way, the rail dips deep into the water and contributes to stability.

A twinfin setup is best suited for small to medium waves and is especially good on a fish board. Visit our surf shop and discover our range of twin fin setups. Our staff will be happy to advise you and help you find the right fin combination for your board and surf style. Buy now and experience the exciting performance of a twin fin setup on the water!

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