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Surf Tops

A surf top is an important addition for any water sports enthusiast who wants to protect themselves from the sun and wind. There are different types of surf tops that should be chosen depending on the area of use. If you surf in warm waters and the sun is strong, a lycra top is a good choice. These tops come in long-sleeved or short-sleeved versions and offer a high level of UV protection.

If it's windier, you should choose a neoprene top to protect you from the wind chill effect and the sun. It's important that the top fits snugly so it can do its job and keep you warm. We offer a wide range of surf tops in different sizes, colours and designs to ensure you find the right top for your needs.

Remember to protect yourself from the sun and wind when surfing to avoid injury and skin damage. With the right surf top, you can enjoy your water sports to the fullest.

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