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Repair Kits

With our surfboard repair kits, you can easily repair damage to your kite, surfboard or sail yourself. Our range includes a wide selection of repair kits specially designed for different materials such as polyester or epoxy.

Whether your surfboard is cracked or your kite needs repair, our ingenious solutions will allow you to repair it quickly and effectively. With our epoxy kits you can repair both polyester and EPS core surfboards. Our kits contain everything you need for the repair, such as resin, hardener, fibreglass fabric and tools.

Repairing your equipment with our surfboard repair kits is easy and straightforward. Not only do you save time and money, but you can also ensure that your surf equipment is back in perfect condition.

Don't wait any longer and repair your surfboard, kite or sail with our high quality repair kits. Enjoy unrestricted surfing again and extend the life of your equipment. Discover our range now and find the right surfboard repair kit for your needs.

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