Surfboard repair done by yourself? Buy surfboard repair kits

You have a damaged surfboard and want to repair it yourself?

We offer a wide range of surfboard repair kits that will have you repairing minor damage in no time. We have polyester and epoxy based repair kits in our range.

Which surfboard repair kit can I use for which surfboard?

If you have a polyester surfboard, you can use both surfboard repair kits. Both will hold onto the surfboard and close the damage in the surfboard. A surfboard with an EPS core, do not use polyester resin. The polyester resin will dissolve the material and create holes in the surfboard blank. If you are not sure what material your surfboard is made of, check with the manufacturer or simply repair it with an epoxy-based repair kit. Our surfboard do it yourself kits from Soloraz make surfboard repair a breeze.

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