Large selection of Bathing Poncho / Surf Poncho! Buy Surf Ponchos?

You are looking for a surf poncho? We at Surfganic offer a wide range of surf ponchos. Find your swim poncho in our online shop. A surf poncho is a 'must have' for every kitesurfer, surfer, windsurfer or bodyboarder. You can change comfortably on the beach and the poncho protects you from the cold wind and the looks of others. Surf ponchos come in different colours and materials. They are usually made of frottee and offer you a comfortable feeling when worn. The thickness of the material is also decisive for the area of use. A bathing poncho should be made of light, thin towelling and be easy to put on and take off. After all, the poncho should protect you from the cold and wind on your way to the changing room in the open air. A surf poncho, on the other hand, can be made of slightly thicker material so that you can chill on the beach after a surf session without getting too cold.

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