Surf Leashes

The Legrope, also known as the Surf Leash, is an essential accessory for your surfboard. It prevents the loss of your surfboard, especially in situations with high surf and strong currents. If you get caught by a wave in the line-up or find yourself in a washing machine of waves, the Legrope helps you to orientate yourself and find your board quickly.

The Legrope is attached to your ankle with a Velcro fastener, also called a cuff. This keeps the surfboard connected to you at all times, even if you separate from the board. The cuff ensures a safe and reliable connection between you and your board.

Should you ever feel disoriented in the water, you can hold onto the cuff of the Surfboard Leash and your surfboard will act like a buoy, helping you to quickly orientate yourself and get back on your board.

The surfboard leash is available in different lengths and strengths to suit different needs and surfing conditions. It is important to choose the right leash for your surfboard to ensure optimal safety and performance.

Make sure you always stay connected to your board while surfing and don't waste time searching for it in the water. Trust the Legrope, and enjoy your surf sessions to the fullest.

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