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Surf Fins

Surf fins are crucial to the performance of your surfboard and can have a significant impact on your surfing experience. In our range, we offer a diverse selection of surfboard fins in different colours and shapes.

You will find single fins, twin fins, thruster fins, quad fins and 5-fin setups that can also be used as a thruster-quad combination. Each of these fin systems has its own properties and offers different riding characteristics on the wave. This allows you to choose the setup that best suits your individual surfing style and the prevailing conditions.

Our surfboard fins are compatible with the two most popular fin systems, FCS (Fin Control System) and Futures. This gives you a wide choice of fins from different manufacturers to achieve your desired performance and riding style.

The quality of the fins is of great importance, as they account for about 50 percent of the overall surfing performance. Our fins are made from high quality materials and are manufactured by reputable manufacturers to give you the best possible performance and control on the wave.

Whether you're looking for speed, manoeuvrability, stability or a combination of these, we have the surf fins for you. Browse our range and find the fins that suit your needs and preferences.

Order your surf fins online now and optimise your surfboard for an even better surfing experience. Check out our surf fin guide, you'll find all the answers here. Learn more...

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