River Fins

In our surf shop, we offer a large selection of riverboard fins for your surfboard. These special fins are designed for river surfing and are suitable for beginners as well as professionals.

Our range includes both pure river fins, which have been specially developed for rapid surfing, and hybrid fins, which can be used both in the river and in the sea. These hybrid fins offer you the possibility to use your surfboard on standing waves like the Eisbach, the Citywaves or UNIT Surf Pools as well as in ocean waves.

A typical fin setup for river surfing consists of two outer fins and a smaller centre fin called a river centre fin. This configuration provides the necessary stability and manoeuvrability in the strong standing waves. Using a smaller centre fin avoids creating too much traction, which could affect the board's agility.

Our experienced staff in the surf shop will be happy to help you choose the right riverboard fins. They can give you more information about the different sizes and shapes and help you find the optimal fin setup for your surfboard and your skills.

Buy your riverboard fins now in our surf shop and enjoy the exciting experience of river surfing, whether you are a beginner or a pro!

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