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Quad fin

In our surf shop we offer a wide range of quad fins for your surfboard. The quad fin setup is an interesting alternative to other setups and offers a unique riding experience on the water.

The quad fin setup uses the side fins of the thruster to replace the middle fin. This reduces the drag created by the centre fin, resulting in increased speed and improved glide. The quad setup allows for quick turns and good acceleration, making it a popular choice for surfers who like to surf at high speed.

Quads can also be seen as an evolution of the twin fin setup. The two fins on each side of the board work together to provide stability and reduce board breakaway. At the same time, they allow you to make tight turns in a small space. Note, however, that quads may not be the best choice for radical manoeuvres such as snaps, as the resistance of the fins is greater than that of a thruster.

The quad fin setup is particularly well suited to modern fish boards, guns and tow-in boards. It is a good choice for surfers who are looking for speed and stability and like to surf small to medium waves.

Visit our surf shop and discover our large selection of quad fins in different sizes and shapes. Our experienced staff are on hand to help you find the right fin combination for your surfboard and surfing style. Buy now and have an exciting surfing experience with a high quality quad fin setup!

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