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GATH watersports helmet SFC Convertible XS Black

The latest hydro dynamic Gath Convertibles adapt easily to give a choice of performance benefits….
Mini Skull Cap: slip off ear pockets, allows maximum haring, balance, cooling, freedom of movement.
Full head Cover: slip on ear pockets (55 gram set), provide maximum coverage, stability, ear protection, warmth & adjustable audio vents. Detachable Shatter Proof Visors: UV eye protection (Rated UPF 50+ Excellent Protection Category), glare reduction, increased facial impact protection, eye object penetration resistance.

Superior flexible design increases the level of comfort for ALL head and face shapes!
Five sizes – XS, S, M, L and XL – with an innovative comfort fit system that allows personal customisation for a secure fit for ALL head sizes from X-Small to XX-Large.
Gath Surf Convertibles are fitted with comfort strip sizes as per the following chart. This sizing chart is a guide only, as head shapes vary. Measurements should be taken around the head - mid forehead, just above the ears.

XS = 520 - 535mm, fitted strip = 10,5mm, additional strip = 12mm
S = 540 - 555mm, fitted strip = 7,5mm, additional strip = 9mm
M = 560 - 575mm, fitted strip = 4,5mm, additional strip = 6mm
L = 580 - 590mm, fitted strip = 7,5mm, additional strip = 9mm
XL = 595 - 610mm, fitted strip = 4,5mm, additional strip = 6mm

With or without ear pockets Gath lightweight Convertibles deliver a good level of protection and the comfort to forget you're wearing a helmet.

Gath is unequalled in and on the water for design balance between safety & performance with high quality head protection from sun, wind, water and impact injury.
• Versatility to adapt for all requirements & conditions.
• Popular features of the original Gaths plus radical new styling.
• Low drag, good water immersion & neutral buoyancy, which minimise the risk of neck and spine injury for water impact.
• Sleek new shell profiles shaped for freedom of movement and maximum peripheral vision.
• Moulded non-absorbent closed-cell soft foam liners contoured for comfort and rapid water drainage.
• Quick drying, even after extensive use in the water.
• Non corrosive components and adhesives for long lasting durability in the harshest marine conditions.
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Available from: 01.08.2023
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