In our surf shop we offer a wide range of 5-fin setups for your surfboard. The 5-fin setup is a versatile option that allows you to adapt your board to different conditions and surf styles.

The 5-fin setup uses five fins, with the centre fin being smaller than the side fins. This gives you a little more grip on bottom turns without interfering with manoeuvres on the lip or creating too much drag that a big centre fin would. This setup is popular with surfers looking for maximum control and versatility.

A 5-fin setup also makes sense if you want to adapt a high-performance board to the conditions. On top-to-bottom surfing days, you can surf it with three fins as thrusters to maximise manoeuvrability and control. When the waves are steeper and require more speed, you can surf it as a quad with four fins.

The 5-fin setup allows you to adjust the handling of your surfboard to suit the wave and surf conditions. It offers flexibility and options to get the most out of your board.

Visit our surf shop and discover our wide range of 5 fin setups in different sizes and shapes. Our experienced staff are on hand to help you find the right fin combination for your surfboard and surf style. Buy now and enjoy the versatility and control of a 5 fin setup on the water!

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